February 23rd, 2004


Romance Peeves

I've been having so much fun querying the interesting people who read this journal! It's kept me from going nuts while I work on my novel rewrite. Now I have another question, mostly for romance readers, but not necessarily.

What are your romance peeves? People frequently complain about badly-written sex scenes, but are there particular elements of those that drive you up a wall? What about plot peeves? Characterization peeves?

Things that irk me are The Big Misunderstanding plot (thanks to All About Romance for the term); obvious factual slips in historicals; and Love At First Sight (Lust At First Sight, I can deal with).

My sex scene peeve number one is The Core of Her Womanhood. As ericaceous has asked, what is the Core of One's Womanhood? And I want to know, what happens when one's womanhood is, well, cored? Does the Core of One's Womanhood spin, like the Earth's core? If so, why doesn't anyone notice? Does Manhood have a Core?

I am also not fond of the word sipping being used to describe facets of a kiss (makes me think of too much spit), or of sex scenes that proceed as if they are following a list of bullet points without distinguishing detail, or mny other things I'm sure I'll remember as soon as I post this.

But now it is time for you to entertain me.