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Checking In

I'm using a very slow dial-up connection to clean out vast amounts of list email and dash through my friends list. The holiday has been better for me than I expected, and I seem to continue to be on an even keel emotionally.

Now, the important stuff!

Books Read So Far This Break:
The Jump-Off Creek, Molly Gloss (excellent, beautifully written, though a little sad)
Fires of the Faithful, Naomi Kritzer (more later)
Miracle and Other Christmas Stories, Connie Willis (finally!)
Courting Miss Hattie, Pamela Morsi (as expected, sweet but not too).

And in progress, Georgette Heyer, Beauvallet.

The sequel to the Kritzer book is due out this month, so I will have a look for that as soon as I get back home and have easy access to bookstores. She did some really neat twists in creating her alternate world. It's sort-of Italy, and there are two major religions, each with some similarities to Christianity but also significant differences. And of course, since it's a fantasy, there's magic: gift of The Lady or something Awful? Or something in between? I was impressed with the book, which I believe is Kritzer's first novel.

One more bowl game tonight, which I'll watch with my dad.
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