December 4th, 2002


Delany quote

"For me science fiction is a way of reading, a way of making texts labeled 'SF' not only make sense, but make the richest sort of sense. It starts with knowing how to read the sentences--knowing, say, that "Papa remarried, a man this time and somewhat more happily," from Disch's SF story "Angouleme," not only tells me about Papa's sexual predilections but also about the changes in the laws of the future world. Then it goes on to include the history and the tradition of our very lively practice of writing: knowing who did what, when, and under what circumstances. For that's the best way to hear, clearly and richly, all the resonances in the dialogue each new SF text sets up with the texts of the past, as well as the best way to see most sharply, etched against imagination's sky, the riches of its future vision."
--Samuel R. Delany, from The Faces of Science Fiction. (1984) Photographs by Patti Perret. Introduction by Gene Wolfe. New York, NY: Bluejay Books Inc.