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one concert down, four to go

I had an interesting conversation with a friend (soprano) in the dressing room last night, as we put on makeup. There we were, carefully applying beige and/or green coverup to various red spots on our faces, smoothing it over, then applying different reds in different spots. We could not arrive at a satisfactory reasoning for why this should be.

I do know that I get a thrill (small, but a thrill nonetheless) out of my shiny copper eyeliner and reflective forest green/bronze/dark brown eyeshadow, which I suspect is completely invisible to every single member of the audience.

I saw "The Two Towers" at mignight Tuesday and still managed to be alert throughout dress rehearsal the next morning, after only four hours of sleep, and that interrupted because I was afraid I wouldn't wake up on time. I taunted my fellow alti with my caramel latte report; I'm really glad I don't have to drive to rehearsals from outside the city and have to deal with traffic. Walking from home, I had time for espresso!

Concert went well. The hall wasn't full in the expensive orchestra seats, but the rest had a good crowd, all the way up to the nosebleeds. Saturday night and the Sunday matinee are already sold out, and Friday night was on the way to selling out last week, so it's tonight's crowd that will be the mystery. I suspect it will be decent, but not full, unless people bought Thursday in place of the sold out nights. Doesn't matter to us except in an emotional sense, because we get paid the same no matter what.

Barbara Dever did a nice job--she's the mezzo soloist. I was amused that during the big emotional crest of "O Holy Night," one of the horns in the back row was emptying water out of his instrument, which involves turning the horn around and around until the condensation rolls out the mouthpiece pipe (you take your mouthpiece out first). Necessary, but the irony is delicious, isn't it? The mundane and the sublime. How very Christmassy.
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