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Airborne Conductor

Senegalese food tonight. Yum!

Rehearsal last night went well; mostly running things, touching up, and David passing on comments he got from Maestro Harvey on what he wants: tempi (he gave us actual numbers! wow!), some style stuff in the chorus from "Amahl and the Night Visitors," a few inserted measures of orchestra and some note changes in "Gesu Bambino" that probably have to do with the orchestration they're using, changing our Castilian Spanish in 'Fum, Fum, Fum" to the kind that has the "s" sound, stuff like that.

David was bouncing off the walls. He's conducting "The Nutcracker" in Charlotte this weekend, so instead of staying over after rehearsal as he normally does, he had to fly out the door and catch a plane back to North Carolina. He's also doing "Messiah" with his oratorio choir in NC, and said wistfully that he wished he could ship a few of us down there to help out. (They are an amateur choir.) I am now really curious to see how close to the ceiling David will get when we're preparing the St. Matthew Passion in the spring.

He was sitting on a stool last night while he conducted, with his feet through the rungs (so he wouldn't float away?), and at one point he went up on one foot and bounced up and down--literally--two or three times, balanced on that one foot through the rungs, because we'd done whatever it was he'd asked for, and he wanted us to stop and do it again. And he's not a short guy. No wonder the man smokes; who knows what kind of OCD he might have, otherwise.

Tuesday we get handed over to Maestro Harvey for the piano rehearsal after which I sneak off to the midnight showing of "The Two Towers" with dress rehearsal Wednesday morning.
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