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black, black, black

This morning's thoughts obsessively circled around black. Black clothing, to be exact. I shall now write obsessively about the minutiae of black.

Next week my choir has a five-performance gig, with no free days in between; and since I am working my regular job during the first three days, I am sure I won't be getting much laundry done. For concerts, our men wear tuxes and our women wear long-sleeved black tops and ankle-length black skirts or formal trousers, or dresses that meet the same qualifications. No off-the-shoulder, no lace that exposes skin unless it's a little at the neck.

On Thursday and Friday, in particular, I will have exactly one hour and fifteen minutes to get out of work, eat dinner, get dressed for performance, put on makeup, and travel from 36th and Spruce to 15th and Spruce in rush hour traffic. It doesn't sound like a far distance, I know, but at that time of day it is. And there's only one bus that I can conveniently take, and if I miss the one right around 5 pm, I generally have to wait about 20 minutes for the next. My call is 6:15 pm each day.

(I dislike having to rush to performances. In a perfect world, I have time to have a nap and then shower and then eat a light, healthy dinner which I myself have concocted. For this gig, I will probably be eating an Odwalla bar or something on the bus.)

I was thinking through my blacks this morning to see if I could at least wear different arrangements of clothing for the different performances. (This is complicated by the fact that next week will probably be colder than an anvil in a blizzard, which means having to lug warm clothes to wear on the way home.) I think I am a little ashamed of the formal and semi-formal black I have accumulated in many years of choral singing.

My black tally:

*polyester bias-cut skirt that folds up small, so is a favorite
*taffeta full skirt with gauze overskirt (2)
*silk skirt with pleated waist and buttons--not as long as the others and looks a little too business casual, I feel, but handy in a pinch
*corduroy trousers, not terribly formal, which I could possibly get away with if I'm not in the front row. Except I'm short and usually end up in the front row.
*cotton trousers, see above. And it's too damned cold for them.

*chenille rollneck pullover sweater, possibly/probably too hot for venue
*rayon brocade blouse that is slightly snug these days so probably right out
*cotton blouse, bought new in May, very comfortable but not warm; a distinct possibility
*silk v-neck cardigan, which needs a non-faded black t-shirt underneath or possibly my short-sleeve black silk blouse
*merino wool cardigan ditto; has light buttons, which are iffy in the blackness department but can be gotten away with; very comfy
*velour shirt that attracts way too much lint. Still covered with lint from last year. Needs to be washed by itself before I can wear it, so probably out.
*cotton turtleneck; cotton is smooth enough that it looks more formal than it is from a distance; can be paired with silk cardigan for more formal appearance; I've worn it before to no adverse comment
*rayon blazer and wool blazer, both too snug for comfort, and too warm as well, even without (necessary) shirt.

I can tell I put on weight, grumble. And I am still tempted to buy the black silk turtleneck I saw this weekend at Lord & Taylor for $20...we shall see if I am able to continue my resistance. I can manage without it, easily, but my other silk turtlenecks are so comfy both indoors and outdoors that I will probably only be saved if I go back and the black ones are all gone.

Last rehearsal tonight with David, so he will likely be bouncing all over the room to make sure we sound all spiffy in front of Maestro at the piano rehearsal next Tuesday night.
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