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I finished Sisters of the Raven last night. It's one of the longer Hambly books; might even be the longest; I'm pretty sure I've read all of her books except the Star Wars one, and none is this thick.

I recommend it. Hambly tried some new things besides length, most notably a larger number of point of view characters, something she carried off splendidly, in my opinion.

The assortment of points of view were tied tightly together in ways that sometimes weren't obvious for pages or even chapters, and then I would think, 'cool!' as the connection sank in, and reflect that her mystery writing might have honed that technique. I don't want to spoil by giving away any of it, but she kept my interest, I can say that.

A couple of items in the plot seemed like they might become important and then they didn't, and weren't resolved entirely later, which leads me to believe there might be a sequel down the line somewhere. She rarely writes standalones, anyway; or she does, but later adds on others (like the Dragon books, for example).

A couple of her characters were familiar types to me because I've read so much of her work: Oryn and the Summer Concubine, especially, felt like they could have been in any Hambly novel, but since I love her characters, that was fine, in fact made the book more enjoyable to me. I love that her characters don't have to be skinny or beautiful, and that they get tired of doing the right thing and wish they could be lazy. And I love that her characters are often outsiders. These are things that I incorporate into my own work as well, or try to.

I've got Kushner and Sherman's The Fall of the Kings today. I wanted to save it for a bit longer, but they're in town this weekend to read at Gio's Room and I think I do want to have the book read beforehand.
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