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I want more sleep.

Today's reading is, finally, Wet Grave by Barbara Hambly. I really enjoy her Benjamin January mysteries.

Mary Jo Putney's The Bartered Bride didn't do nearly as much for me as her books normally do. Maybe because of the Malay pirates, despotic sultans, harems, freed slaves, and murder trials in the House of Lords. I got a little tired of all that; it distracted from the, to me, far more interesting conflicts between the main couple. However, she did push the envelope with sex scenes. One took place under the eye of others--necessary for reasons of the plot, and very unpleasant for the characters--and one had bondage. The bondage scene I liked, because there was a specific reason for it; the woman's experiences had left her afraid of not being in control, and by using bondage on her husband, he could understand her feelings a little more fully.
Tags: historical, romance

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