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Another weekend is past

I picked one of the two August 1st deadlines I had and went back to writing on Saturday morning. This one does not, shockingly, require BDSM or dom/sub (though the editor listed those things as something she might be interested in). Most importantly, the call for submissions lists a whole range of genres! She's not just looking for contemporary!

So I flailed around, with too many choices. I wrote up a Readercon report and dug through my folder of unfinished Things.

I came across an ancient fanfiction story, from near the end of the time I used to write fanfiction, on which I'd spent a great deal of time and effort but never finished. The story was set not only post-series but post-an alternate universe ending, so it does not require a lot of filing off of serial numbers. It does require a lot of removing plot that is now extraneous since it is no longer to be Epic, and will have to get to the erotica part more swiftly (I had not gotten to that point before, but I'd been planning it). I spent Saturday and Sunday mornings poking at the thing and cutting (lots) and editing and thinking. I started with close to 4000 words and ended at about 1300. I'm now ready to write the necessary new material. Than I will probably have to cut some more. It's likely more (different) work than just writing a new story, but I realized I really did want some form of this story to be done, after all this time.

A new call for submissions showed up, with a September 1 deadline; that one is subordinate to the September 30 deadline I already had, I decided, but I'd like to try for both. Then I have a December deadline I could probably manage. Then I have to decide what to do next, because a year of this experiment in writing short stories will be drawing to a close. Am I ready to go back to the novel?
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