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Back to the World

Readercon was good, but some of the joy leached out when I heard about the Trayvon Martin killing verdict at breakfast on Sunday. It was terrific but exhausting to see so many people, as usual. My panels all seemed to go well.

I briefly meet Tat Wood, one of the main authors of the Dr. Who nonfiction series I've been reading. That was both unexpected and lovely! Also, Rob Shearman would like you to know that "The Time Monster" is rubbish.

I bought three books: Conservation of Shadows by Yoon Ha Lee (I also got to attend her reading), My Dear Watson by L.A. Fields, and Wonders of the Invisible World, a new collection by Patricia McKillip.

My post on Patricia Gaffney's To Love and To Cherish is live today, over on my pro blog.
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