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Wednesday Reading

I'm still working through Patricia McKillip re-reads for a Readercon panel, but it's more bits and pieces now, so I'm not sure if that counts. If I don't re-read all the way through, that is, it doesn't feel like I actually read it.

I decided I needed to remind myself about Fool's Run, which as far as I know is McKillip's only SF novel. [edited to add: except Moon-Flash and its sequel.] It's future sf, set mostly on Earth and in Earth orbit, when there's a world government. Music and a mass murderer are key elements of the plot. One could do some interesting parallels between the music in this novel and in, say, harpists in the Riddlemaster trilogy. But I am not going to let my mind go there because I do not have time right now.

I did finish McKillip's Od Magic, which I enjoyed. I don't think it was her greatest work, but it's still better than lots of things by other people. I enjoyed the female relationships in it, which weren't the whole story, but resonated strongly for me.

In About Time, the Pertwee volume, I just finished the section on "The Three Doctors," which had some interesting behind-the-scenes information of which I'd previously been unaware.

In fanfiction, I enjoyed Unalienable by Basingstoke, a crossover between the X-Men movies and Highlander: The Series. I thought it worked really well. I also found out there was a sequel to a Sherlock AU by Jupiter Ash in which they are all tennis players - it was a huge story and I know nothing about tennis, but I still enjoyed it. Have downloaded the sequel: series is here.

I haven't decided what I'm reading next. I have to decide if I'm bringing McKillip's In the Forests of Serre with me to Readercon or not; I thought I would have started it by now, but I haven't.

My post on Gaffney's To Love and To Cherish will go live on 7/15.
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