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Lifting while traveling

In the 5X5 lifting program, I'm up to 115 pounds for squats and 75 for bench presses and barbell rows. I don't feel entirely settled in my form for barbell rows; need to pay more attention to that, as one of my last sets felt easier than the first couple, which was weird. Unless it had to do with taking a break in the middle, since a squat rack had become available.

I plan to lift on Wednesday, but Friday I'll be at Readercon, and I already know the hotel doesn't have barbells. I am considering three options: 1) try similar exercises with what's available; 2) do bodyweight pushups and squats in large quantities instead; 3) skip weights and just do cardio. All of my panels are on Saturday, so perhaps it would be wise not to exhaust myself the day before. Or...I don't know. I think I waste too much worrying on these decisions.

I came up with goals for lifting - goals I've never done, even once, and consider a stretch. I would like to deadlift 160, bench press 125, and squat 175. Possible? I am not sure. My top bench press at present is 95, from months ago, and I did several reps on more than one occasion, so maybe. My top squat, a long time ago, was 155, I think. I've deadlifted 140, one set of 5. I guess the real issue would be those weights for at least two full sets. Sets of 5? Of 10? Maybe I should set a date to get a trainer again, for a few sessions? (10 session would run me around $400, so it's a significant investment.)

I'm pretty much packed for Readercon, and have plenty of panel notes. I'm still trying to read and re-read a bit more McKillip. I hope people show up for that one! (It's a 9:00 am on Saturday.) Just found out a friend from Romancelandia is planning to take a long drive for the romance panel I'm leading on Saturday. I can't wait to see her! We have only met once in person before.



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Jul. 10th, 2013 01:22 am (UTC)
I am now officially in awe of you. I can't wait to admire your muscles at Readercon. As for me, I am lazy and the chances I will lift anything heavier than a double tall latte, or perchance a plastic fork laden with cake, are slim. However, post-Readercon it is back to the gym for me.
Jul. 10th, 2013 12:41 pm (UTC)
You will have to poke me to appreciate them - they remain hidden beneath my fat.
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