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Wednesday Reading

One of my molar crowns came off last night. I hate that. It's so icky. Luckily, I did not swallow or lose the crown, and have an apppointment to have it stuck back on, later this afternoon. Chewing: such a privilege! I appreciate it very much!

On to reading. Since last week, I finished a lot of fanfiction, but nothing truly outstanding. I also finished Dity Little Secret by Jennifer Echols. It's set in contemporary Nashville. I loved the music neepery in it; I wanted more of that and less of the YA romance, but I suspect I might be an outlier in that opinion. Finally, I finished my reread of the Riddlemaster trilogy with Harpist in the Wind. I think I like the first two books best.

I am currently reading Od Magic by Patricia McKillip, which I owned but had not read. And I had forgotten that I had not read it! It was on the shelf with its fellow McKillips instead of in the TBR boxes. (This is why it is good when you get assigned to single-author panels. I had thought I only needed to read In the Forests of Serre.) Anyway, Od in Od Magic reminds me, on the surface, of Karis in Laurie Marks' Elemental Logic series, in that she is a very tall woman who has magic linked to a Thing (animals for Od, Earth for Karis), but so far, Od is a more mysterious and mythical figure, distant from the main narrative because she's not physically present much. Also, we don't get Od's pov. The main character is a male botanist, who clearly is going to develop some amazing magic. I really liked the way he's shown trying to deal with the grief of losing his parents.

I'm still reading A Cup of Smoke by Rachel Manija Brown, a story or so every now and again, and Volume Three of About Time - I'm on season 9 and just read a cool essay about early electronic music and its use in Dr. Who soundtracks.

Next up, In the Forests of Serre by Patricia McKillip, and Harrowing the Dragon, also McKillip, because I think there are stories in there I haven't read, either. If I'm not finished with it/those by next Thursday, I'll bring it/them along to Readercon and maybe get it/them signed.

I finished a post on Patricia Gaffney's To Love and To Cherish (posting later this month), but have not written anything about Anna Cowan's Untamed and am beginning to think I won't get to it. I've read too much in the interim, and am not sure I have anything new to say.
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