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More Goals

One of the two most stressful annual periods at dayjob is (mostly) ending today, and I am wiped out. I managed to get in my anonymous review and one preview this week, but that's it. I got nowhere on the short story.

Deadline for the erotica story is July 1, so I still have a chance to finish it up and submit it this weekend, if I can get my mind in gear. The goal for the month was to submit two stories, and I've submitted one so far. I can finish this one, I have plenty of wordcount to make that possible, it just needs...a sex scene, and some sort of character Thing, and, you know, the actual story part. *ahem* Well, my goal did not read "submit two genius short stories." It read "submit two short stories." And even if the story isn't genius, that doesn't mean it will be rejected. I have no idea of knowing what the editor needs for that particular anthology.

I had an acknowledgement that the already-submitted story was received; I'll hear back in December.

I have to check my pile of Calls for Submissions, but I think there's only one with an August 1 deadline. Also, I have one for July 12th, looking for short pieces, and one that has a rolling deadline, so maybe I will try for two submissions of any length for next month. Then there's one for September 1 that I really want to do, since I like the editor.
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