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Wednesday Reading

I'm on the Patricia McKillip panel at Readercon, so I'm currently partway through a re-read of her Riddlemaster of Hed trilogy - I finished the second book, Heir of Sea and Fire, on Sunday. It's been years since I last re-read that trilogy, but in my youth I imprinted on the world and prose of it, so it has a familiar, dreamlike feel. It's not her best book, but I'm also re-reading her 1973 contemporary MG/YA, The House on Parchment Street, since I figured fewer people would know that one.

I finished a book for anonymous review and have the review partly written.

And I read a lot of fanfiction, some of which I didn't finish, most of which did not sing to me. However, I'm really enjoying Unalienable by Basingstoke - it's a crossover between the X-Men movieverse and Highlander: The Series and a bit of comicsverse Avengers...it's complicated. But she's a great writer and can carry it off.

Next up, more McKillip. I pulled my collection of her work down off the shelf and discovered that I have not read the two most recent ones I'd bought, Od Magic and In The Forests Of Serre. There's at least one more new book of hers which I do not own (The Bards of Bone Plain), but I'm not going to try and get to it before the con. If I finish the two new ones, then I'll do some more re-reading, most likely her most outlying work, Fool's Run.
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