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New Gym Songs

Thanks for all your recs for new gym songs!  I also had a few from other sources.

This is what I bought:

"Imacallya" by Salvador Santana Band - I actually already owned this one, but couldn't find the track in my easily accessible collection, so bought it again.  Hearing this track on one of my old mixes was what spurred me to update my gym songs.

"Adara" by Sasha - this one had been on my wishlist for so long I no longer remember who recced it to me.  I just kept not having a moment to listen to the sample.

"16 Miles" and "Hurricane," by Ego Likeness - I've had a couple of different recs for this band, from Kyle and from j00j.  I liked all the songs I sampled, but these were the ones I felt were fast enough to keep me moving in the gym.

"She's a Witch" and "I'm Not Normal" by A Scholar and a Physician - a friend on Twitter sent me to a site with various playlists, and this band was the most interesting one I found after following assorted links.  <a href="http://lifehacker.com/5646941/how-to-build-the-ultimate-beats-per-minute-optimized-running-playlist"How to find the BPM of your music</a>.

"Call It What You Want" by Foster the People - from a running playlist someone posted online, linked from the Lifehacker blog above. 

And courtesy of j00j, I sampled lots and lots of Oomph! and bought the following tracks:  "Mein Schatz," "Du Willst Es Doch Auch," "Weisst du wie Sterne stehen," "Labyrinth," The First Time Always Hurts," "Zwei Schritte vor," and "Such mich find mich."

I've loaded them all onto my MP3 player and will be trying them out tonight as they come around on the gee-tar.  I'm still compiling recs, if you have them, but have stopped buying for now.  I'm just adding things to my wishlist.
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