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Gym Songs?

Tell me your favorite and/or most-effective gym songs! It is time for me to change up my MP3 player.

The renovations (of the cardio equipment) continue in my gym, so the top floors remain unavailable. Last night, I did weights, then cardio. The second floor air conditioning has been out for a couple of weeks; it's like a sauna up there, or running outside on a hot, humid day, but since see above about no top floors, the first floor has been unusually crowded now that it's finally fixed up, and I haven't been able to get a machine. I basically manage a mile or so in 15 minutes under those conditions. Anyway, last night I got the last remaining elliptical on the first floor, in the air! conditioning! Don't know if the second floor air conditioning is fixed yet. Surely by Friday? Since it breaks all the effing time on that floor?

But the new ellipticals. I don't know if the old machines were under-estimating mileage or the new ones are overestimating it, but in 30 minutes (and 30 seconds cooldown) I did 2.78 miles, when a more usual distance for me in that time is 2.26. I have no idea which to believe. The new machines plug in - is that for the fancy monitors, or is it doing something with the resistance? They feel more sturdy than the old ones; some of those feel unbalanced, even wobbly at certain speeds.

Blah, blah, blah. What genre of music works best for you as gym songs?
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