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Wednesday Reading

My current reading is a book for anonymous review, which I am enjoying (hopefully, that is not a clue to its identity!). I'm also a bit further into A Cup of Smoke: stories and poems by Rachel Manija Brown.

Last week, I wrote several book previews and read a lot of fanfiction. A lot. Too much to tell you about all of it. These three stories were of particular note. Red, White and Blue, Blue, Blue by determamfidd is a lovely paean to Hank McCoy, AKA Beast, through the eyes of Steve Rogers. These two are both historicals, both slash: Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do by copperbadge recasts the Avengers characters in Prohibition-era Chicago, with Tony Stark as a gangster and Steve Rogers as a cop; and More Man than You by Mikey (mikes_grrl)</a> combines 1930s teenage Steve Rogers with a lot of research into the gay culture of NYC at the same time.

I finished Untamed by Anna Cowan, which I liked a lot better once I was able to read it as its own thing rather than trying to cram it into a historical romance mold. It's sort of a meta-historical romance. There is lots of gender play, and I wish she had gone even farther with that. Maybe in her next book.

Aaaand I still haven't decided what to read next. Dayjob is in the most busy, stressful period of the year, well, one of the two busiest, most stressful times, so mostly I want to curl up alone in a hole in the riverbank when I am not at work. Which usually means reading fanfic or nonfiction. I'm still trying to decide which book from my speculative fiction TBR to read next, if I don't fall into a bunch of re-reading, which is also very appealing to me right now.

Plus I want to write up comments on Untamed and To Love and To Cherish by Patricia Gaffney for my blog. Feel free to encourage me to do so.
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