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New Paperwhite

My Kindle Paperwhite arrived yesterday. It charged a bit faster than I'd expected, and the registry process was pretty easy (since I was switching over from an older Kindle).

I am still getting used to the touchscreen; it makes my fingers feel huge! I moved over backup from my old reader pretty promptly; the only issue was that my galley backup did not work, and I had to re-download those. Luckily, they were still stored on my account, and I didn't have to go back to Edelweiss to request them again.

The highlighting function works fine, though it's less precise with the fingerswipes than it was with the buttons. I was able to download my clippings for a book preview with no issues via my USB cable.

Downloading my recently-bought books from the Cloud also proved to be pretty easy. The hard thing for me is to resist just downloading everything so it's right to hand, because I really do not need to carry my entire TBR around in my bag, do I? I have a bad habit of wanting to have All the Books With Me so I will never run out of things to read. I have to remind myself there are weeks or months of reading on the e-reader, even with only part of my collection. Baby steps! I am taking baby steps to recover from Book Hoarding!

I do like the screen - I tried it out for reading in darkness last night (you lower the screen brightness) and that worked well, too, though I don't plan to do it often. I have to find out if this screen affects sleep hormones like a computer screen does.

Another thing - without the keyboard, it's a shorter device. That might come in handy.

Anybody else have a Paperwhite? Have you had any issues with it? Are there handy tricks I should know?
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