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Wednesday Reading

I am still awaiting the arrival of my new Kindle, but am still reading in the meantime!

My current book is At Your Pleasure by Meredith Duran, from my print TBR - this one is set amid the conflict between Jacobites (heroine's father and brother) and those supporting the Hanoverian King George (hero). Hero and heroine were each other's first loves, but their attempt at marriage was horribly foiled by their families. She's now a widow; he's seemingly her enemy. The hero is from a Catholic family but converted to Church of England, and presently has several goals: protecting the heroine from the sins of her family, preventing a war that would endanger all the Catholics on his estate, bringing down the heroine's brother in the service of preventing a war and also protecting himself and his people. The heroine feels she owes a great deal to her brother and is trying to protect him, but she doesn't want the hero to die, either. She drugs his men to let her brother's cronies in; he tortures her with sleep deprivation but can't quite bring himself to break her. This novel is not at all lacking in narrative tension.

Untamed by Anna Cowan is on hold until the new Kindle arrives.

I finished the print galley I had for review, and have already sent off the review itself. From my print TBR, I finished several things!

Mr. Bishop and the Actress by Janet Mullany was lightweight, sarcastic entertainment with a few darker moments.

Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon was very satisfying - now I definitely need to read the rest of the Kate Bishop comics. I thought the Aja art was better than that of the other artist in the collection. I really liked the clean spareness of the art.

Marriage of Mercy by Carla Kelly was not her best effort. It has some hurt-comfort elements and a lot of angst, that goes way too convoluted and over-the-top in the last section; I got whiplash from the influx of new!dramatic!reveals! that didn't actually make much sense to me, so far as their direct relation to hero and heroine. There was, however, baking and the making of *spoiler* doughnuts. Anyway, I read it.

Books next up will depend on when my new Kindle arrives (it left Toledo, OH this morning). I have a pile of electronic galleys, three or four of which are due PDQ, so those will likely have priority over Patricia Gaffney's Forever and Ever, plus I want to finish Untamed.
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