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Current Writing Progress

1. I turned in a review, early! I got to it early because it was the only paper galley I had on hand. The rest are all electronic, and I couldn't get the Kindle reader app to work this weekend, so I am just waiting for the new Kindle to be delivered this week (it is in transit). Hopefully, everything will transfer over just fine. I have officially de-registered the busted one.

2. Last week, I submitted two stories! One of them I'd been working on all month, for a June 1 deadline. Then I got sick and went to WisCon, so had to push a little to get it done. But I got it in on time, and right in the middle of the requested wordcount. Then an editor with whom I'd worked before needed some additional stories for a particular anthology with specific requirements. I dug out the beginning of something I'd worked on earlier this year - I didn't finish so missed the deadline I was going for - and was able to rework what I had to fit the requirements. Then I finished it really fast, coming in just above the minimum required wordcount. The editor liked it, but final decisions are with the publisher.

3. There are several calls for submissions due July 1. I meant to start on a story this weekend, but ended up with Stuff and a night of terrible sleep, so I had to postpone that a bit. But not too long. Maybe, just maybe, I could submit to two of those anthologies instead of just one.

4. The novel-in-progress file remains untouched and taunts me.

5. Hooray I wrote some things!
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