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Spring Things To Do

I have many Things to Do, both at dayjob and at home. At least that will make the next couple of days move quickly! And then next week, I took vacation for a few days before I leave for WisCon. I have to pack, and assemble my panel notes, in particular organizing my thoughts for the Dr. Who panel.

I hope to do some cleaning of my vile, vile accumulations of dust that are a result of a) living in a 19th century house, b) in a city, and c) not cleaning my floors for months and months. Since dust mites are one of my allergies, I usually have to dose up on antihistamines at some point in this process. Fun. But the handvac doesn't work nearly as well as actually mopping.

I also have change-of-season laundry I'd like to get done: winter coats, blankets, items it is suddenly too warm to wear, all that. I might wait a little longer before I take my trench coat to the dry cleaner; I'd like to resew some of the buttons, and attempt to get an ink mark out, and maybe clean the cuffs ahead of time, since the dry cleaning seems ineffective at removing stains (maybe I have a crappy dry cleaner).

This all sounds so boring, but it's enormously satisfying to me when I get these things done. It's a way of establishing control over my environment, I think, which makes me feel more upbeat and successful in general. Sometimes even a small thing, like changing my sheets, can do that. But the floors...they really, really need it regardless of my personal feelings in the matter.
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