oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

The Week of No Gym

My gym is closed this week for renovations, and I thought I might still work out at home, but now I'm not sure. I took last night off - I walked home, ran an errand to CVS, did a load of laundry...I am a couple of loads of laundry behind, what with needing to wash and put away my winter gear, but at least now I am caught up with the stuff I really need!

Next week, I'm off from work and plan to do a lot of housecleaning, and socializing, before WisCon. So it's unlikely I'll work in visits to the gym as well. I will bring workout gear to the convention, and hopefully at least do some cardio while there. A good thing about WisCon is that there are many opportunities to get out of the hotel and walk around outside.

I worry about taking time off because I am afraid I will lapse completely. Maybe I can use that fear to not lapse.

I have a new weightlifting plan to try, one which is three times a week and preogressively heavier, but starts with less weight than I've been using. I might cut back the weight on the overhead presses, even. Maybe I've been lifting too much, and that's why I've been so tired. Maybe lighter and more often is the way to go.
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