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Money for stories

1. As I mentioned yesterday, I've been trying to keep up with the various calls for submissions for erotica anthologies. I found one this week that at no point told you how much it paid. The call did mention payment methods further down, just not how much one would be paid for a story, or even a range based on length or something similar. I am not sure if this was an oversight or what. I sent a query email this morning. Maybe I will get a response. If not, I'm not submitting.

2. I am saddened that the going rate for short stories in most print erotica anthologies these days seems to be $50. When I first started selling to anthologies, a bit over a decade ago, the going rate was $100. So, for a 2000 word story, instead of getting five cents a word, you're getting 2.5 cents a word. And if your story is longer, well. I am utterly not ashamed of writing to the lower end of the requested wordcount as often as possible. It's easier to fit a shorter story than a longer one, anyway, so chances of acceptance go up.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, a reprint anthology, still pays roughly $120 USD, but I think the first time I sold to it the rate was roughly $150; that might have to do with changes in exchange rates. Because the editor is in England, he pays in pounds. There are both British and American editions.

3. I love reprints. I love getting paid twice for the same story, particularly if I didn't get paid much for it in the first place. I am sad that there are fewer opportunities for reprints these days; in a quick, admittedly limited survey I just did of current print anthology calls for submissions, none accepted reprints. The main market seems to be anthologies that accept only reprints.
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