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Weekend Plans

This weekend I need to write a book review that's due Monday, and I'm also hoping to at least draft a complete short story. I have four calls for submissions that all have a June 1 deadline. This could be tricky, since there's an entire week of May in which I will not be spending any time writing due to local events and to WisCon. But surely I can write at least one submission. Maybe two. The minimum word counts are 1500 for two of the anthologies, and 2000 for the other two.

I missed the May 1st deadline I attempted - my story draft was only half as long as needed, and I wasn't satisfied with the idea. It's not terrible, but it needs more time to gel, and perhaps a market that will take shorter stories (heh). But the goal is to push myself to write more, so I will keep pushing. I have a couple of July 1 deadlines for submission, as well. And one for September - if I can't make that one, I should just throw away my pen.

On the fun side, Saturday night is roller derby! So after a hard day's concentration I can watch women skating in a circle, and occasionally falling down. Or knocking each other down. It's very soothing, particularly if your brain is tired.

Once again, time management is going to be an issue I need to think about, if I want to write more. I now have Tuesday nights off, for the rest of the summer, but I still have gym, playing with the Adorable Tots, and seeing friends now and again. The friends part is important. Over three years of writing a novel a year, I fell out of touch with three or four people and have never really added them back in to my local social circle. (My online circles have widened, but that's not the same.) It's just so hard to do everything I want to do.

Okay, gym tonight, and I will lift weights.
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