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Wednesday Reading

I have not done a lot of reading in the past week, mostly because it was concert week and I only had a few tiny snatches of time to read anything; I read some short fanfiction stories and one mystery. This week, I need to finish a book and write a review, so that's going to take precedence over pleasure reading.

Little Green by Walter Mosley, is the newest Easy Rawlins mystery, set in 1967. It is somewhat different from its predecessors, because it has a lot of not-so-subtle thematic stuff about Easy re-evaluating his life that felt to me like meta commentary on what a writer is to do with his hardboiled detective character when history is moving forward and L.A. begins to swarm with hippies. That is not to say it's a bad book; I think it's really excellent. It's just probably not a starting place, if you've never read anything in the series before. I think it's a lot more rewarding if you can compare and contrast, and also enjoy all the secondary characters who return for this outing. Which reminded me I have missed quite a few books in the middle of the series, now up to twelve. More things to add to the mental TBR.

In About Time 3, I've reached season eight of Dr. Who, which means the first appearances of Jo Grant, The Master, and Captain Mike Yates. I'm still hugely enjoying this series. By the way, Volume 7, which covers the first two seasons of the new series, is out September 9th. Yes, I am buying it. I am helpless in the face of this addiction.

Next up will be another book for review and something from the TBR. Since I'm pretty much losing a week of leisure reading for WisCon, any reviews/previews I need to turn in for early June actually need to be done a bit ahead of time!
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