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Iron Man 3 - yes there are spoilers.

I'd been feeling ambiguous about seeing Iron Man 3, but I read a spoilery review last week that got me totally psyched.

I wasn't able to go to any of the earliest showings because of Bach Festival rehearsals, but after getting home around 10:30 pm on Friday night, I crawled out of bed Saturday morning to see a 10:20 am showing with a friend. And was amused to find that said friend, who is not an early riser, actually called me while I was waiting a bit to call her. We were both pretty psyched, and were early enough to get coffee first. I'd lent her my DVDs of numbers one and two the previous weekend, though I didn't have time to re-watch them myself.

BTW, morning showing? Not at all crowded. We got the best seats in the house, and there weren't any people there who weren't geeky. The next showing was the one that looked like it would have a lot of noisy kids.

I spent rather too much time on Monday reading other people's reaction posts. So I figured I'd better do mine today before I forget my own random thoughts!

ZOMG The Mandarin that was so brilliant and I love Ben Kingsley.

Okay, done with that. It was a spoiler about the Mandarin that convinced me I wanted to see the movie right off instead of waiting. I was also warned about the ableism so that didn't come as a surprise. *sigh*

Bots!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony will fix them. He can fix machines. Also, he totally would've backed them up in the cloud. Jarvis obviously is backed up that way. I've already seen one fic!

I really appreciated the thematic intricacy of the movie, and the way it made use of the fact that Tony Stark is always more interesting when he's vulnerable. I loved how vulnerable he was for the entire movie. First, the nightmares/anxiety attacks; second, that he can make himself vulnerable when searching human connection, so he's able to share his emotions with Pepper; third, that's he vulnerable through his friends (fear for Pepper, which comes true; fear when Happy in injured; worry for Rhodey when Rhodey gets in trouble); fourth, that outside of his armour, he's just a flawed man.

Guy Pearce really has smarm down pat, doesn't he?

It is my personal belief that we can have Maya Hansen back. Of course she is Extremisized and survived being shot. Right? I await the reams of fanfiction with anticipation.

I was pleased that aside from Pepper and Hansen, one of the Extremis soldiers was also female, and pretty badass. I was wondering if her purpose in meeting with the dead soldier's mother was to give her some sort of payoff, or perhaps let her think that and then kill her because she knew too much. Unless it was all a trap meant for Tony.

Don Cheadle's arms. Nom. I suspect that shirt's sleeve length was chosen to show them off. I also love how he dresses all dorkily conservative under War Machine, which makes perfect sense for this character. Ditto the sports bra for Pepper - chosen to show off her abs. Not complaining here.

The kid Harley had no trace of a Southern accent, but that's infinitely better than attempting one and failing, which is mostly what happens in movies. So I'm grateful, I guess. Maybe they moved to Tennessee from elsewhere. Am I the only one expecting fanfic about when the kid grows up and goes to work for Stark Industries?

Where was Tony getting money after he landed in Tennessee? Did he have a wallet full of cash in his pocket? Because his credit cards would be trackable, right? Unless he did some tech thing so they couldn't be traced easily. Which I wouldn't put past Tony.

My friend and I both kept wondering why neither Tony nor Rhodey called Rhodey's commanding officer or SHIELD or the FBI or the head of the Secret Service or whoever when they knew the president was in danger. Only calling the Vice President in a situation like that? An army colonel, even if he's in a rush? I call shenanigans. I also call shenanigans on the Secret Service letting a guy in armour on a plane without checking his identity.

The free fall rescue scene reminds me of the Dr. Who episode "The Doctor Dances" with "Everybody lives!" I'm still wondering how necessary that was, except it did show triumph crushed by an oncoming truck, which was both hilarious and a salutary lesson of some kind. I suppose it illustrates that Tony thinks outside the box?

I am sad the arc reactor is gone. It's so symbolic, of so many things. And if Tony kept some Extremis benefits after the surgery (and why wouldn't he?), that takes away some of his human vulnerability outside of the suit. It's great for the character as a person, not so great for the character as a story element. I think his new state of super-health will have to be subverted in future movies to keep him interesting. Unless some other, equally interesting problems emerge for him to overcome.

I will very likely see this movie one more time in the theater - I think it will reward a second viewing.
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