oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

One more rehearsal!

I survived the two straight nights of rehearsals, which weren't as draining as they could have been. The first one was sans orchestra, and we were up in the choir room, which has wood rather than stone floors. We could also occasionally sit. And we got out after a couple of hours, and I got to bed at a reasonable hour.

Last night, we weren't able to be in the performance space, so we worked in the church where we usually perform smaller concerts. The orchestra took the front area, and we sat in the front pews, facing them. We did stand for most of it, but the floor there is wood, and we could get more sitting breaks. We got out maybe fifteen-twenty minutes early, so again I didn't get to bed too awfully late. I'm not sleeping that well this week, thanks to allergies and antihistamine, I think, but it was better than it might have been.

Today is a day off, then Friday night is dress rehearsal in the performance space, which will be the real endurance test for us singers, who stand the whole time. I plan to get to sleep as early as possible tonight, and to sleep late on Saturday as well. The concert is Sunday; I tend to lie around a lot beforehand, napping if I can, listening to music that is not the concert music.

If you're going to the concert, there's a reception afterwards - hope to see you there!
Tags: bach b minor mass, singing

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