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Bach week begins!

I went to the first concert of this year's Bach Festival yesterday - our conductor did a solo organ concert, improvising in the style of Buxtehude, improvising on some Bach chorales, and finishing off with a piece written by Bach. There was a quartet to do the chants and chorales he was working from, and some of our choir scattered throughout the audience. On the second verse of one of the chorales, we did an aleotoric rendering of the first few phrases, getting up one by one and making our way to the front. Then we finished out the verse in slow but normal time. Apparently, it sounded very cool from the organ loft!

This week I have three evening rehearsals, 7:00 - 10:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and a concert on Sunday. I'd like to attend the two concerts next Saturday, but one conflicts with a book launch party I'm attending, and I will probably nap through the other one. I will need a rest by then!
Tags: bach b minor mass, singing

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