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Wednesday Reading

I am still re-reading Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis Trilogy; I've recently finished Adulthood Rites. I've been using the highlight function on my Kindle to prepare a collection of quotes that I can use for the upcoming panel, and also for Readercon, if there's a discussion of the books there.

Mostly, I'm in awe of how many intriguing issues Butler roots out and exposes and explores through what seems, overtly, to be a fairly simple plot that's been done a gazillion times: the human/Other being, "torn between two worlds." Except in this version, he's not torn at all. He just doesn't agree with a consensus opinion of one side, which affects the other. Adulthood Rites follows a hybrid human/alien through his early years, then his kidnapping by the all-human culture, then his visit to and confrontation with the all-alien culture, as well as with his hybrid sibling. Butler avoids simplicity. There are so many axes of difference in this story, so may difficult decisions and choices, that I won't even attempt to sum them up. There's a great deal to chew on. On to Imago!

I'm currently reading a book for review. I also began Suzanne Brockmann's Born to Darkness, her attempt at a paranormal - I'm not very far into it yet. There's some worldbuilding info-dumpage I need to get past in the first few pages before I can settle into it.

On my radar for upcoming reads is the rest of Patricia Gaffney's Wyckerley trilogy, thanks to some recent posts in the romance blogosphere about the way rape culture is portrayed and confronted or not confronted in these books. I've only read the middle one, To Have and To Hold, and am now inspired to pull the first and third books out of the TBR.


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