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Cleanings and Ponderings - 3 Things Make a Post

1. I have embarked upon Spring Cleaning, really just a continuation of Throw More Stuff Out. Eventually, I will have to thoroughly clean my bedroom floor, as in, clean it with a wet mop instead of the halfway-decent occasional use of a hand-vac and a swiffer to get the worst of the dust brontosaureses. I worked on Throwing Stuff Out both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and a little bit on Saturday evening. Two garbage bags (not terribly full physically, but so full mentally!) went out, and I added many things to recycling as well, and then deposited some perfectly good notepads and folders with the Tots, who are insatiable when it comes to drawing/writing paper. Here's hoping the stationery I made with my address from 15 years ago has a happy second life covered in drawings of Darth Vader and characters from Norse myth.

2. The PIFA festival streetfair is this Saturday - any locals planning on going? Here's a bit more detail. I had a lot of fun in 2011, though my feet hurt spectacularly after being on them all day.

3. I made a new to-do list, separate from all the cleaning, which involves things like updating passwords and dealing with my 401K. Why oh why do I have so very many passwords? And things for which I created an account, which I have only used once and should probably delete? At least my main email accounts are spruced up now.
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