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Eye Exam! Which Results in Whining

Now that I have olditude, I go and have an eye exam every two years to check for glaucoma and other stuff, and to chronicle my progress towards stylish eyewear. Yesterday was my third appointment ever. I have learned to truly dislike the dilation process - I imagine everyone dislikes it, but my dislike is new and thus fiery.

Part of the dislike is how f***ing long it takes my eyes to go back to normal. I timed it this time. The drops went in at 2:15 pm. I went home in the bright sunlight (ouch! even with their eye protection and sunglasses on top) and dozed for a couple of hours with a pillow on my head, to ease the tension headache left from all that squinting. After 4 hours, I could read a little if I made the print very large on my e-reader, and didn't do it too long, but sunlight was still Right Out. I just wandered around the apartment with no lights on. By 8:00 pm, I could finally see enough iris to tell the color. At 9:00 pm, I think the dilation was down about a third, or maybe a bit more, and I gave up and just went to sleep.

Next time, I'm going to find out what their latest possible appointment is, and hopefully try to go in winter, so it will be dark earlier.

The light! It burns!
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