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New goal!

My new goal for the gym is to return to weightlifting more than once a week. I'm going to try for twice, which still allows for recovery time - three times would mean I'd need to go on the weekend, and I haven't been able to manage that in a really long time.

I'd also like to have one day a week to do intervals on the elliptical, but those are harder for me when I'm sore from weights, so we'll see how that works out. Maybe I can do less-intense intervals, which would be better than none.

I lifted last night, a mixture of trying heavier weights on some exercises, with fewer reps, and faster reps on a few things. I juggled what I did based on what was available, so it was a hodgepodge of effort. For example, I used the 50 lb small bar for my triceps thing (lying flat, reaching over your head with the weight), which was too heavy for me to do the exercise well - I managed a couple of sets of 5 in which I didn't always reach full extension. Back to 40 pounds next time, which is difficult but much more possible. I did deadlifts of 150, 2 sets of 5, but couldn't get a squat rack so did the 50 lb small bar in 3 fast sets of 15. Then I tried to find my maximum weight on the pectoral fly machine, just to see - I eked out 2 sets of 5 at 75 pounds. Plus some lat pulldowns, some rows, some shrugs, some bench press more to raise my heart rate than to test my limits on weight.

I pulled out The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess again, and have been reading through parts of it again, to see if that will help with my motivation, as well. It has a structured program in it, which I have still not tried. Working on getting my courage up for that.
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