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Excitement! St. Matthew!

I sang Bach's Matthäus Passion for the first (and so far only) time back in 2003, but have never seen it performed live. Thanks to Tom Purdom, I shall see it on Saturday night - The Philadelphia Orchestra is performing it with a choir from Westminster Choir College. I heard about it too late and it was sold out, but Tom, a reviewer, had an extra comp ticket. So we shall geek out over Bach together.

It'll be an interesting interlude before I get back to B minor mass rehearsals on Tuesday. I am curious especially to compare Matthäus Passion to Johannes, which I sang for the first time last spring. I thought Johannes was much more difficult so far as the music went, and also much more, well, passionate, partly due to its being more compact and less theatrical, if that makes sense. I'd live to revisit the Matthäus at some point, now that I'm with a choir that does the Bach Festival.

I went back and read some of my posts from when I was preparing the Matthäus Passion, a very different experience than I would have now that I am much more familiar with singing Bach. Back then, we were a choir of about 100, as opposed to roughly 40; our orchestra was Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia. That was the last time we could afford to perform, on our own, at the Kimmel Center's Verizon Hall. Weirdly, I have few memories of the performance itself, despite how intense it all was at the time. So I'm glad I wrote about it at the time!
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