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Geek Girl Con

I've been pondering Geek Girl Con, October 19-20, but it's in Seattle and would be expensive for travel and hotel. The registration is cheap, however, $35 for two days. And I've never been to Seattle, and it's within a reasonable distance of my friend J in B.C.. It would be fun whether I made it onto program or not.

Not sure how those dates would mesh with my choir schedule for next year. I was also considering the Novelists, Inc. conference held in October, but since I haven't been writing much, it might be better to wait for another year on that. I think it would depress me rather than inspire me to be surrounded by people spending a lot of time on publishing and promoting their fiction. Also, things are changing quickly in the industry; I would need to be prepared to leap right onto whatever I learned there, and am not sure I'm ready.

I'm not really down on my writing at the moment, except for novels. I am pondering if I am really better with short stuff than novels, or if I just need to write novels more slowly (a thought which fills me with impatient despair). I am also pondering whether I should experiment with things in the 15,000 - 40,000 word range, the sort of thing that might sell well as a self-published effort (not thinking of all the work that goes into that beyond the writing! not yet!).

And aside from that, I made a list of things that I need to clean or tidy up in my bedroom. It was a long list.
Tags: business of writing, conventions

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