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Wednesday Reading

Not much to report. Last week was concert week, which meant my reading was mostly accomplished while on the trolley between dayjob and rehearsal, or a little bit before I went to sleep.

I have not gotten very far into Zoo City - I think it might be a little too dark and thought-provoking for me at the moment, even though the worldbuilding, the prose, all of it are excellent. Still deciding if I want to put it down for a while, or not.

I also began a vintage novel titled Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert George Jenkins, which is all about a fake engagement and the wackiness that ensues. I started this one because I'd just finished another download from Gutenberg, Behind the line: a tale of college life and football by Ralph Henry Barbour (c. 1902), a story about two boys who go to college and play football, and one of them makes friends with a lug who doesn't study and pranks people, and the other makes friends with a Cheerful Yet Wistful Cripple who turns out to save the day. I don't know, I kind of enjoyed it. I used to read old-fashioned sports stories from my local library when I was in elementary school, mostly about baseball in the 1950s, I think. I don't remember any titles or authors, so am not sure.

I continue to work my way through About Time 2: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who: 1966-1969, Seasons 4 to 6, which for those who are not into the show, covers the seasons in which Patrick Troughton was the Doctor. I'm up to "Fury from the Deep," which was Victoria's last episode. Apparently, the notorious recording of her screams which defeat the monster? Were not actually her screams, but a recording of screams from previous companion Polly.
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