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Tuesday - 5 Things

1. I went back to the gym last night, after a week of mostly being off for concert week rehearsals. I lifted many weights. I found that it still drives me into a rage when all the equipment is in use, and if some people (almost always men, in the weight room) are loitering on it rather than giving others a turn. By "loitering" I mean leaving their stuff on the bench and wandering off to talk to their friends for 10-15 minutes, coming back, lifting a barbell a couple of times, wandering off again...you get the idea. Anyway, I need to find a way to not be enraged that does not involve Giving In To My Anger and Going to the Side That Has Cookies. Mostly, I've been trying to go do other things when all the equipment I want is in use. Which is fine, except when I start running out of other things. I ended up doing my chest press/triceps thing while lying on the floor, because the single unoccupied bench was "claimed" in such a manner. If I could go during the day, it might be less crowded, but my dayjob doesn't really allow for that. Suggestions?

2. Perhaps my concept of "sharing" is not part of the college-aged male gym culture. Women are rare in the big weight room. I do not know if other women feel the same way as I do - I saw two last night, who were sort of hiding in the corner. They tend to use the machines much more than the free weights. I wonder if there would be more women if the men weren't so territorial about the space. And they are territorial. They will pounce if you approach "their" space, even if they are not using it, as if when someone else interrupts their 20-minute break, their penis will snap off. *ahem* /rant

3. My luggage is fixed! New wheels!

4. I'm reading a book that is perhaps too dark for my current state of mind. Not that it's particularly dark, it's just resonating too much with other things. I need to pick something else, but am not sure what.

5. My brain is still singing "Messiah" to me, though the concert was over on Sunday. It was a really good performance, I think - there's a sort of shared high still going on, based on comments I've seen from others. Tonight, we're moving on to Bach's B minor Mass, so I wil move on to a different high all together.
Tags: gym, singing

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