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Tuesday - 5 Things

1. I went back to the gym last night, after a week of mostly being off for concert week rehearsals. I lifted many weights. I found that it still drives me into a rage when all the equipment is in use, and if some people (almost always men, in the weight room) are loitering on it rather than giving others a turn. By "loitering" I mean leaving their stuff on the bench and wandering off to talk to their friends for 10-15 minutes, coming back, lifting a barbell a couple of times, wandering off again...you get the idea. Anyway, I need to find a way to not be enraged that does not involve Giving In To My Anger and Going to the Side That Has Cookies. Mostly, I've been trying to go do other things when all the equipment I want is in use. Which is fine, except when I start running out of other things. I ended up doing my chest press/triceps thing while lying on the floor, because the single unoccupied bench was "claimed" in such a manner. If I could go during the day, it might be less crowded, but my dayjob doesn't really allow for that. Suggestions?

2. Perhaps my concept of "sharing" is not part of the college-aged male gym culture. Women are rare in the big weight room. I do not know if other women feel the same way as I do - I saw two last night, who were sort of hiding in the corner. They tend to use the machines much more than the free weights. I wonder if there would be more women if the men weren't so territorial about the space. And they are territorial. They will pounce if you approach "their" space, even if they are not using it, as if when someone else interrupts their 20-minute break, their penis will snap off. *ahem* /rant

3. My luggage is fixed! New wheels!

4. I'm reading a book that is perhaps too dark for my current state of mind. Not that it's particularly dark, it's just resonating too much with other things. I need to pick something else, but am not sure what.

5. My brain is still singing "Messiah" to me, though the concert was over on Sunday. It was a really good performance, I think - there's a sort of shared high still going on, based on comments I've seen from others. Tonight, we're moving on to Bach's B minor Mass, so I wil move on to a different high all together.



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Mar. 19th, 2013 09:55 pm (UTC)
Hoo boy, numbers 1 and 2 really get me sideways, too. At my prior gym it was more of a problem than where I am now and it *really* ticked me off. I eventually figured out how to ask to 'work in' so that I could do a set while they rested, though sometimes it meant standing there for awhile before they pulled their heads out of their behinds noticed that I was waiting for them to stop the coffee klatching so I could work out. (Though it usually meant I also had to be prepared to wipe up their sweat to do so.) Eventually, too, because people seem to work out around the same time a group of us came to know one another by sight and that made it easier when they understood I was as serious about it as they were and was there just as often.

Something that sent me through the roof this last January at my current gym was when I was on one of the multi-functional machines, standing in between the two arms CLEARLY setting the weights and positions so I could use both at the same time when a (sweaty, disgusting) man muscled his way onto one of the sides, used it for a second, put his (sweaty, disgusting) towel on it to "save" it, and walked away. I was so amazed at the rudeness that I said out loud, "Are you kidding me right now with this crap?" when normally I'd just fume in my head. He looked at me in utter confusion, clearly amazed that I wasn't thrilled to have the machine taken from me AS I WAS SETTING IT UP only so it could house his (sweaty, disgusting) towel. In a year+ of being at this gym, this has been the worst of the male behaviour in the weight lifting area, so I think a part of it is each gym's little cultural take on the concept of sharing. In this case, I was assuming Mr. Sweaty and Disgusting was a what I call a "Resolutioner" who wouldn't be back after the middle of the month to bug me until January of next year, and that helped me get my blood pressure under control. (And sure enough, I've never seen him again.)

Still, I really do think you're onto something with the territorial thing when it comes to how men perceive the weight lifting space in comparison to women. I suppose some thinking on how to manipulate that bit of male psychology may be in order so I can have a better reaction the next time I have a sweaty and disgusting male encounter.
Mar. 20th, 2013 12:40 pm (UTC)
I should probably interact more, that's true. But I generally only lift once a week, so it's rare I recognize anyone, bar the one guy who interacts with my dayjob office - he and I have traded off stations and such occasionally, if we're both in the same area.

Oh God, the sweat thing. If there's a faint damp patch, okay. If their are visible drops on the bench surface...*eww*

Must ponder further on these matters.
Mar. 20th, 2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
I used to think that the adult men at 12th street were badly behaved until I started lifting weights in a college setting. Hooooooo boy. I mean, they were but there is NO comparison, especially with the division I athlete guys who think they actually own the free weights area.
At my institution, it is much better if you go to the gym that is not the "athlete gym", but I know that you don't have this multiple gyms option the way I do.

In a pinch, i sometimes set up a "weight bench" using an exercise ball. I can't lift as heavy, but it is better for me than the floor and less aggravating, and gives a balance/core challenge that I'm sure can't hurt. I guess the feasibility of this will depend on whether there are exercise balls and where they are in relation to the weights.
Mar. 20th, 2013 06:09 pm (UTC)
That is an excellent idea! There are exercise balls - they're in the other room, and no one seems to move them, but there's no sign specifically disallowing it. Moving the weights, yes. The balls, no.
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