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Wednesday Reading

I am finally reading The Midnight Mayor: Or, the Inauguration of Matthew Swift by Kate Griffin - I got it as an e-book, which makes it much easier to carry around than the fat paperback of the first book in the series. I waited long enough that the other two that come after this are also in mass market format, so yay.

The first book in that series is A Madness of Angels: Or The Resurrection of Matthew Swift, one of the coolest urban fantasies I have ever read, in the true sense of the urban setting being integral to the magic. The recent YA novel The City's Son by Tom Pollock reminds me of this series, in its style of magic drawn from the stones and electricity of cities.

Earlier in the week, I finished The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway (last Wednesday's reading!), and though the ending was rushed - a lot of information in a lot of dialogue crowded up - I loved it anyway. It did some very cool meta things with Regency romances and the way we think about that period versus some more gritty historical realities. Also, there was a lot of stuff about time travel and how you accomplish it that I enjoyed. I loved it mostly because it did a lot of things I wasn't expecting; until the last page, I wasn't sure if it would all work out in the way I hoped. Also, it had wonderful dialogue.

Argh, I need coffee.
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