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Gym Update

I'm doing so-so with my attempts to go to the gym three times a week. During the week of the Rossini concert, I only went once, and did not lift weights. Another week, social committments kept me down to twice. This week, however, I lifted on Monday followed by 30 minutes of moderate cardio, skipped Wednesday to do Stuff, and did cardio, with intervals, last night. I plan for more cardio tonight. I've switched from doing 10 intervals of 30 seconds, with my intensity decreasing as I proceed because I just can't do more, to doing only 5 intervals of 30 seconds at the highest intensity I can manage. I take a whole minute to recover, 90 seconds if my heartrate is too scary. I am hoping this new regimen is more efficient; I've been at it for a few weeks now.

I could possibly work out four times a week, if I do intervals-but-nothing-else in the small interval (heh) between dayjob and Tuesday night rehearsal. But I always feel rushed all evening when I do that, and I don't need any more stress. Also, afterwards I feel less like I've worked out; doing a set of intervals is indeed work, and I sweat a lot, but then I don't have the longer period of just moving which I enjoy, and which makes suffering through the intervals worth it.

Staying awake through rehearsal is easier if I've had a shower and a change of clothes beforehand.

I have not entirely decided what to do for my birthday, but seem to be defaulting to various meals with different people, spread out over time. And taking a day or two off from the dayjob.
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