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Reading Wednesday

I forgot it was Reading Wednesday!

I am close to finishing About Time 1: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who - Seasons 1 to 3 by Tat Wood and Lawrence Miles. Volume 2 should be shipping to me shortly, and I am excited! More incredibly in-depth nerdiness!

I'm currently reading Iron Hearted Violet by Kelly Regan Barnhill, which could be either YA or MG - probably MG in today's market, especially since it's illustrated, though it does have some serious scariness when the queen falls ill after a miscarriage. It has an unusual heroine, a not-beautiful princess. Though the story isn't that innovative in its individual parts, it's told well and with a number of interesting narrative and pov choices, so it comes together as feeling new. The narrator is the royal storyteller, ostensibly, but there is some omniscient going on. Cool worldbuilding includes a mirrored sky and dragons who must store their hearts outside of their bodies.

I actually finished Passion Blue by Victoria Strauss last week, but forgot to write it up because I was in a rush that day. It's historical YA (Renaissance Italy), with a slight speculative element that is real to the narrator but may not be objectively real (I think it's intended to be real, but you can read it either way). The heroine has been essentially sold into a convent and desperately wants out so she can marry as her mother (a nobleman's mistress) had hoped for her. But inside the convent, there is a rare thing, a painting studio. The heroine happens to be an artist and loves drawing more than anything. I really loved the outcome of this story, and the decisions the heroine made. Also, there was some excellent art-neep. I'll stop here, so I won't spoil it.
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