oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

It's raining.

Choral Arts gives masterful tour of Rossini piece - at least, that's what philly.com says. Me, I noticed that people really like to eat cheese afterwards. By the time I got to the brie I brought, there might have been a smear on the plate left. Might. There was a tiny hunk of Gorgonzola left at the end, which I gave to someone else to take home.

We start work on "The Messiah" tomorrow night.

I never did make it to the gym over the weekend, but I walked from my place to Chinatown on Sunday, which is far enough that I can feel the fatigue in my legs. Then I visited the Tots and used my legs to support them all evening.

Also over the weekend, I finished reading all the samples of YA I had downloaded, which was Many. Found a couple I might want to read at some future point.

I slept the night through last night. It's been so long since that happened, when I woke up I was a little bit confused.
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