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Wednesday Reading

I have less time than I thought today, so here are some quickie links to books I read/have been reading since last week and liked enough to recommend.

Cat Girl's Day Off by Kimberly Pauley. This is fun, humorous fluff in which lots of people have weird psychic gifts; the narrator's is that she can understand what cats are saying, and have them understand her. Since her mother and sister are geniuses, and her other sister has multiple gifts, and her dad has a really cool gift, Natalie feels somewhat shortchanged, but not in a bitter way. I actually wanted more story about her family. The plot involves a remake of Ferris Bueller and a celebrity blogger and Natalie's friends, one an aspiring actress and the other a celebrity gossip hound. Blessedly, the romance element is minor, and very well-done.

Goblin Secrets by William Alexander is secondary world fantasy, probably Middle Grade rather than YA, and very page-turny. I'm not done with it yet but am loving the intriguing ways the author is using masks both in the worldbuilding and thematically. Also the dustfish. It has elements of Baba Yaga, and steampunk, and of course goblins, who seem to fill the role that traveling folk have in our world. (Somewhat gypsies, somewhat traveling actors, but with other elements as well; they are all fascinating individuals.) It's unclear yet what "changed" means in reference to humans, even though I'm a good way in, and I love that.
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