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Still no laundry!

I know, you're shocked and awed that I still haven't done my laundry.

But I did do 45 minutes on the elliptical, including five 30-second intervals at top speed.

Then I went home and finally, finally figured out how to clear and re-sync my gym MP3 player so I could get rid of those 3 or 4 songs that turned out to be terrible for the gym, or at least that I had grown so bored with I was ready to scream every time they came on. Which of course was all the time, since I didn't want them. But I think I have fixed that! I will find out next time I go to the gym and use that player.

Also, I read some things. I have many things to read. I must read them, preferably, in the next week. Which is also dress rehearsals for the Rossini.

For the weekend, I want to write another 500-1000 words or so, and also I have to change the lightbulbs in my bedroom which, because this is a nineteenth century building and my ceiling is really really high, requires me borrowing the giant ladder from my landlord. I got fancy new eco-bulbs at Home Despot last weekend that ought to last a really long time. Conveniently, this morning my halogen standing lamp went out, too. I need to write down what kind of bulb that takes and get a replacement, since sometimes I want more light in the winter.

I might also watch some Dr. Who this weekend. Am debating between "Inferno" (Evil Liz Shaw and Evil Brigadier! Green primate monsters!) and "The Chase" (Steven Taylor and his stuffed panda! Ian and Barbara racing all over London before they go to an expensive hotel and boink like bunnies!) I have never seen "The Chase" in its entirety, so that one might win.

Has anyone been watching the classic Who showings on the BBC or BBC America?
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