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Reading Wednesday

I'm not sure who started this meme, but I like it!

That said, I mostly can't tell you all that I am reading, because some of it is Norton Jury reading, and some of it is for future preview posts. These things are strictly secret, but it's easier if I don't go into it.

In non-required reading, I'm continuing to work on About Time 1: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who - Seasons 1 to 3 by Tat Wood and Lawrence Miles. As I've mentioned before, this is an utter nerdgasm of a book if you're into Dr. Who or the BBC or early 1960s television history. The format is to look at each story, in order, and discuss things such as "Things That Don't Make Sense" and production/continuity notes and anecdotes related to the production and things like that. There are also essays interspersed throughout; there was one about how the BBC got into genre television, and how the idea of Dr. Who was imagined, grew and changed; one about the influence of Z Cars; and one about possible interpretations of Dalek history (in the context of the show, not in the meta sense).

I have other nonfiction in progress, but it's been pretty much abandoned while I devour the Who book. Volume 2, on the Troughton years, is supposed to arrive in February, hurrah!

I've also been trying to catch up on the Avengers fanfic by scifigrl47. The "subscribe" function at Archive of Our Own has been very helpful for that.

As of late February, I'll be done with Jury duties, so I hope to get back to my personal TBR then.
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