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Back to dayjob.

We left the hotel later than expected yesterday, because I realized we could watch the Inauguration! So we stayed through the oaths, and left in the middle of the poem. That combined with nasty traffic in CT meant I got home pretty late. Am a little grumpy today with sleep-deprivation.

On the way out of the hotel, one of the wheels on my suitcase broke. I am very sad about this, as it was a gift from my parents, and it had lots and lots of use over the last dozen or so years, so it's a familiar friend. The annoying part is that it's really hard to get a wheel fixed (I've tried, with a wheelie tote of the same brand). The one place that offers it doesn't do it in-house, they have to ship it out, which of course piles on the cost and the time involved, and means I have to make two separate trips to drop off and to pick up. The housing is not constructed in such a way that I can fix it myself (I've tried). It's so frustrating that the whole suitcase can be in such great shape, but one weak point can make it nearly useless for its intended purpose. I'm going to look into getting it fixed anyway, because replacing it with another nice one is an even larger expense. I have to take care of it before WisCon in May.
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