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Greetings from Arisia!

I am pretty sure I got enough sleep, or close to enough sleep, which is pretty impressive given that I moderated a panel last night at 11:30 pm. Why did I break my rule and do a late-night, you ask? Because it was a Dr. Who panel about the companions. Fun!!!

It was not at all a difficult panel to moderate - the panelists were all knowledgeable and opinionated, and the room was jammed with audience, so my biggest problem was seeing everyone's hand so I could call on them. Most of the companions got a shout-out at one point or another except for...let me think: Stephen, Dodo, Ben and Polly, Katarina if she counts...I think that was it. And I might have mentioned Ben and Polly at one point, I can't remember. We didn't get to Sgt. Benton and Mike Yeats, either. But everybody else, surprisingly so.

Gordon Linzner had recently watched all the early eps, so I had backup on that aspect; a couple of times we had eerily similar thoughts on Hartnell and Troughton companions. So that was also fun, as many people do not care for or have not looked into that era, and it's one of my current areas of interest.

I have a reading today, in which I suspect my story will be hilariously out of place. I'm reading "8:00 PM: Appointment TeeVee," which is an erotica story, but it's more about fandom that about erotica per se. Even though there is a lot of sex in it. The other writers are not, so far as I know, erotica writers. Though I think one of them wrote some zombie erotica - does that count? Heh.

I attended two panels! This was in aid of me staying awake for my own panel, and also because they sounded good. I went to "Facing the Prejudices of Giants," which was excellent; fast-moving, interesting, thought-provoking. Brandon Easton was on it, who is the guy who wrote this post about racism in the comics industry. So it was unexpectedly cool to see him on a panel.

I took a break after that and went to "Papi Chulo to Papi Cthulhu" about Latino/Latina sf before my own panel; I skipped out a few minutes early to wash my hands, get a hot drink, etc. before my own panel. There were many authors mentioned in that one, and I am hoping someone will post a list somewhere, as I didn't write any of them down. Yes, I know, I should have.

Goal for today is to work out at the hotel gym before my reading.
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