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Arisia 2013 Schedule

Friday 11:30 PM, Revere

“Doctor Who: Companions Through the Ages”

Our celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who doesn't overlook the importance of his companions. From schoolgirl Susan to sword-swinging Amy, they have run the gamut. Who are your favorites and why? What makes a "good" companion and who were you glad to see go?

Victoria Janssen [mod], Gordon Linzner, James Zavaglia, Jennifer Pelland, Santiago Rivas

EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am staying up to an absolutely ungodly hour for this panel, which tells you I am really, really enthusiastic about the topic.

Saturday 4:00 PM, Hale

Authors Victoria Janssen, Daniel José Older, and Sonya Taaffe read selections from their works.

I don't think I asked for a reading, but maybe I did it by mistake...anyway, I will probably read my most recent short story, that just came out a month or so ago. Alternatively, I could read from the rough draft of the current project, but only if there are people there whom I know.


Sunday 1:00 PM, Otis

“YA You Want to Read”

Come discuss the best YA SF/F that came out in 2012 and what to anticipate in 2013.

Victoria Janssen [mod], Adam Lipkin, Vikki Ciaffone, Aurora Celeste

This is the one for which the giant piles of Norton reading I've been doing for 2012 will pay off.

Sunday 8:30 PM, Revere

Doctor Who: The Dissertation of the Daleks”

We continue our celebration of all things Who with a look at the Daleks, one of the Doctor's oldest and most persistent adversaries. Why are they so popular? When will they return? And how can they be stopped now that they don't need to climb stairs?

Adam Lipkin [mod], Samantha Dings, Victoria Janssen, Forest Handford, Michael Lee

This one should be totally, awesomely nerdy.  I need to collate some research material!

Scheduling thoughts: I have fewer panels than normal this year, which is good, because usually I have a couple too many.  Much as I love doing panels, it is tiring, and I don't doubt that people get sick of listening to the same panelists over and over.  I used my power of saying "no" so I wouldn't have 3 panels in a row on one day, though it ended up I wasn't on one of the other ones, either, so it turned out not to be necessary.  I am really, really sad to miss the "Yellow Submarine" panel, but I won't be there on Monday; it's a long drive back to Philadelphia.

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