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Second-Day Pain

After the class on Monday, I was stiff on Tuesday, but still went to the gym; the massage person was there, and I had one 10-minute chair massage left on my card. That helped a lot with my painful triceps and pecs, then I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, at a faster pace than normal.

Around 4 this morning I awoke from a dream in which I was trying to put separate parts of myself into individual boxes, frustrated that one part of my arm would not come off. When I was more aware, I realized my right tricep was really, really hurting. I'd been sleeping on it, but also the muscle was painfully tight. The left arm also hurt, but less so. I took an ibuprofren and went back to sleep.

It was still bad this morning, as in I couldn't comfortably bend my arm. I took 2 more ibuprofren and had a hot shower, which improved my range of movement somewhat. I am hoping it will ease as the day goes on.

I am fairly sure which exercise caused this pain - it was a triceps thing I'd never done, in which you lie on a bench and move the weight back over your head. Also, there were some pectoral exercises for which I know I used too much weight (my pecs are also still sore, but upstaged by the tricep).

I'm taking tonight off from the gym to visit the Adorable Tots, but I might have taken tonight off anyway.

Still pondering if taking classes this semester would be a good thing. I know now if I do BodyPump I need smaller weights!



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Jan. 10th, 2013 02:58 am (UTC)
Your experience is interesting. I did a BodyPump class at the local rec center and it really messed me up! It wasn't the weights, which were not very heavy, but the unusual positions and stuff. I felt it was too complicated. Doing flys on a balance ball resulted in me having a pain between my elbow and shoulder that didn't go away for months. It felt good because I was using all my muscles at a good pace, but I had a lot of trouble making sure not to strain my joints as I followed all the movements. You are, of course, a lot younger and fitter than me at this point, so maybe it would be a good change-up for you. I'm just recounting this as a cautionary tale.
Jan. 10th, 2013 03:07 pm (UTC)
Well, my triceps are still really painful today...however, I know if I do it again I must use MUCH LESS weight. And stop if I feel too much burn.
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