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No Resolutions - Well, Maybe.

Well, okay, I have one resolution, which is to track this year's reading in a notebook. I do that every few years. Except this year I am doing it in a new notebook, as the pages of the old one are yellowy.

Oh, and I want to continue going to the gym; this year, I need to mix it up a little, and am planning to try going to a class or two during the free demonstration period and see if it's better this time than the last time I tried it and ended up feeling horrible. And I want to try to eat better. I need strategies for that last one.

I did not finish the Jennifer Kloester biography of Georgette Heyer, as there was just too much going on while I visited family over the holiday; I often see them only once a year, while the book will still be there later. It needed more sustained attention than I could give it. (Also, it's now available for Kindle in the US: Georgette Heyer - the hardcover I had was a borrowed copy, and I had to give it back.)

I did finish reading the third Ben Aaronovitch book, Whispers Under Ground, and am eagerly awaiting the fourth, out in 2013. I might be blogging about this series at some point.
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