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A Hobbit and Singing

Our concert went great, even the singalong to "Zadok the Priest" - we had a lot of choristers in the audience! I did have to cough a couple of times, but I only lost maybe three measures. Otherwise, so far as I could tell, I was singing pretty much normally.

I saw "The Hobbit" Friday night, and my chief thought was, "Too. Much. Melee." Formerly quiet scenes became, well, melees, which with 13 dwarves and a wizard and a hobbit, can get exhausting. There seemed to be a lot more goblin/warg pursuit of the party than I remembered, but it's been a while.

I didn't like the way gross humor - and a melee - took over the troll scene. I did like - love - "Riddles in the Dark." I liked the dwarf songs, though the dwarf party at Bag End was considerably more frat house than I had ever imagined (went along with the melee thing, I guess).

Expanded bits were expanded. I thought they did disrupt the story's flow, though I appreciate the effort of them. And hey, Sylvester McCoy! As Radagast!

Overall, I liked it, but am not sure if I would buy it on DVD. I'll likely see it again over Xmas.

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